Surrogati di Cioccolato - Master Martini

Chocolate Compounds

Thanks to Unigrà’s know-how in the refining and processing of fats and vegetable oils, combined with the great expertise in the supply of cocoa and its derived products, Master Martini can boast a high-quality chocolate compounds range that can meet all the artisans’ needs. Master Martini’s chocolate compound is made from top-quality vegetable fats: selected, formulated and produced in our plant in response to specific needs, ensuring the provision of high-level products. Thanks to their taste, texture, shine and viscosity, our moulded compounds for coating and decoration are perfect for a wide variety of uses in patisserie, ensuring great convenience and readiness to use. Master Martini’s chocolate compound is available in various formats (discs, drops and chips) and flavors (dark, milk and ivory).